Virtual consults for flu

30-Minute Virtual Appointments for Flu 

Cost: "Pay What You Can" + $10 homeopathic remedy pellets

Flu prevention and treatment including immune optimization with diet, herbal medicines, supplements and a homeopathic remedy.

Friday-Sunday? Call or email and we'll try to book same day!

COVID-19 Prevention + Treatment Recommendations

About Me

I'm a Naturopathic doctor.

I am excited for you to discover your body's ability to heal itself, when we give it a nudge in the right direction.

I'm a teacher, speaker and author.

I love to teach homeopathy at our local homeopathy school and university. I travel for inspirational speaking engagements around the country. I'm the author of "The Vitality Prescription: 100+ New Habits to Transcend Stress and Shine Brighter"

I believe health is found by connecting to our authenticity and what brings us joy.

I'm an irrepressible optimist and know that you have all the information you need to heal. I'm also a skillful listener, who holds space for you finding those answers. I feel extraordinarily lucky to accompany you and offer support, information, and amazing little pills.



"No anxiety!"

"I re-dosed my new homeopathic remedy and what a difference a few days make!  I sleep well, I wake up humming a tune, which my father used to do.  I'm happy, no anxiety, no shallow breathing, I have lots of energy and the list goes on.

Thank you SOOOO much!!!

~ Elizabeth



"My appreciation to you!"

"I want to express my appreciation to you for how much you have helped me these past few years with your support, understanding, and care with these lifelong migraines.  You are a beacon of light in my dark days." - In gratitude ~ A Patient



"I'm so happy!"

"I came to Dr. Sarah Paton two years ago with quite a few health issues. With her knowledge of the Naturopathic workings and remedies, she has acquired the ability to listen and ask the right questions which then leads her to a matching remedy.  She explains each one and its inner workings in a caring and understanding way.

She took a week to think over my latest remedy for the skin on my face and the results have been amazing! I would recommend her to anyone."

- 66 year old, E. Waterboro


Appointments are available in person in my home OFFICE, via phone, video call, or by house-call for $25 travel fee within greater portland, inquire for further distances.

what I offer



Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine

In my 12 years of practice, I've been most inspired by the healing power of homeopathic remedies to reestablish health, even in long-term problems for which conventional 

treatments have failed. 

This medicine is proof to me that the Universe is beneficently ordered.


Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine

I use a wide variety of natural treatments including flower essences, herbal medicines, nutrition and supplementation. 

Part of my job is gently pointing out what things in your lifestyle, diet, habits might be obstacles to your healing process. 



Naturopathic Medicine


Invite me to come speak to your organization, group, employer, school,  or church.  

I am currently offering "Delight Yourself Daily" Workshops highlighting the power of self-loving rituals in work and home life, which can be tailored to 45-90 minutes sessions.

New patient paperwork

Please fill out two forms: New Patient Intake Form AND Medical Information Form.


If you need me to mail you paper copies, just let me know.

Adult New Patient Intake + HIPPA Form (pdf)


Pediatric New Patient Intake + HIPPA Form (pdf)


Medical Information Form (pdf)


Notice of Privacy Practices - FYI only (pdf)


Video appointments available

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Sarah Paton, ND - Naturopathic Doctor

194 Danforth Street #3, Portland, ME 04102

Phone (207) 200-5155 - I may be with a patient, so please leave a message and I will call you back. Fax (207) 510-2486


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09:00 am – 05:00 pm

  • During COVID-19 pandemic,  I am only seeing patients virtually via video or phone to decrease risk of transmitting the flu. Thanks for your understanding.

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