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New Practice Location and Details - May 2019 - Grab a cup of tea and watch my update about my new home practice and my exciting new changes!

About Me

I'm a Naturopathic doctor

I used to be scared you would think what I did was weird, but now I know it's so valuable that I'm just excited for your to discover it.

I'm a teacher, speaker and author

I love to teach homeopathy at our local homeopathy school and university. I travel for inspirational speaking engagements around the country. I'm the author of "The Vitality Prescription: 100+ New Habits to Transcend Stress and Shine Brighter"

I believe life is a joyful and creative act and I'm here to rock it

I'm an irrepressible optimist and know that you have all the information you need to heal. I'm also  a really good listener who holds space for you finding those answers. I feel extraordinarily lucky to accompany you and offer support, information, and amazing little pills.


Appointments are available in person in my home OFFICE, via phone, video call, or by house-call for $25 travel fee within greater portland, inquire for further distances.

what I offer



In my 12 years of practice, I've been most inspired by the healing power of homeopathic remedies to reestablish health, even in long-term problems for which conventional treatments have failed. This medicine is proof to me that the Universe is beneficently ordered.

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Naturopathic Medicine


I use a wide variety of natural treatments including flower essences, herbal medicines, nutrition and supplementation. Part of my job is gently pointing out what things in your lifestyle, diet, habits might be obstacles to your healing process. I do that with love and not finger-wagging, of course.

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Invite me to come speak to your organization, group, employer, school,  or church.  I even do probono work if I feel I can make a meaningful contribution. Don't be shy, please ask.

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Sarah Paton, ND - Naturopathic Doctor

194 Danforth Street #3, Portland, ME 04102

phone (207) 200-5155 fax (207) 510-2486


  • I am often available for phone, video, or house-calls for acute issues on nights and weekends.  
  • If you have a real quick question and it's important we talk outside regular hours, there's no charge. 
  • If it's longer than a couple minutes, I'll bill you for how long we talk.
  • For extended times away when I travel or am on retreat, another ND will cover for me and have access to your chart.

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